My Top Trips of 2019: A Year in Review

2019 was the most exciting, stressful, and wonderful year of my life. In 2019, I completed my master’s degree at the London School of Economics, moved from London to New York City, landed my dream job, and traveled to lots of places new and familiar along the way. As the year wraps up and we all reflect on what 2019 meant for us, I wanted to share some of my favorite travel experiences from this year. These are my top trips from 2019.

Winter Road Trip Through Iceland

In February, my friends and I took a road trip across southern Iceland during a school break. We visited the Blue Lagoon, saw frozen waterfalls, and hiked to an abandoned plane wreck. We stayed in cabins surrounded by snow, glaciers, and mountains, and we drove through scenery that was unlike anything I’d ever seen. This trip was really incredible, and I already want to go back to explore more of this stunning country. You can read my blog posts about visiting Iceland during the winter and check out my 5-day itinerary for more travel inspiration. Be sure to also read my blog busting all the travel myths you’ve heard about Iceland.

Visiting Ljubljana and Lake Bled

Lake Bled had been on my bucket list ever since I saw photos of this magical lake set in the Slovenian Alps. This summer, I visited Slovenia with one of my best friends, and we had an amazing time exploring the capital city, Ljubljana, and Bled. Ljubljana surprised me in so many ways — the food was incredible, the people were great, and the town itself was beautiful and far more exciting than I expected. Nowadays, in a world where every city is ranked according to tourists’ approval and you’re told exactly what to expect around every corner, it’s so refreshing to be pleasantly surprised by a destination. And that’s exactly what made Ljubljana so special for me. You can read my blog posts all about Lake Bled or where to eat in Ljubljana for more from this trip.

A Weekend in York

While living in London, my friend and I spent a weekend in York (as a part of a press trip). This was another trip where I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I really fell in love with York as we explored this small city. The city is quaint and perfectly English, but it has a surprisingly fun nightlife scene (thanks to the nearby university, I think), and the people were absolutely lovely. Read this blog post for more about my weekend in York.

Exploring London with My Sister

Whenever I wasn’t traveling, I was exploring London, my temporary home. My sister visited me twice this year, and we had the best time going to themed bars, having afternoon tea, and getting lost in this amazing city. I already miss London so much, but I’m so thankful for all the memories we made — brunching in the shadow of Tower Bridge, eating our way through the markets, and dancing the night away in Shoreditch.

Paris is Always a Good Idea

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you’ll know Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s indescribably beautiful and timeless, and I find a new reason to love it every time I visit. This year, I visited the city with my (now ex-) boyfriend, and while he and I didn’t last, I know that I’ll always love the City of Lights. I’ve written so many blog posts about Paris – just search “Paris” in the search box on the right side of the page to read more!

The Move to New York City

Just like that, I’m ending the year in New York City, my new home. I’ve been here for almost three months, and it’s been crazy (in the best way). I’ve made new friends and reunited with old friends, and I’ve started to feel at home in this huge city.

2019 was amazing for so many reasons, and I just want to say thank you (yes, you!) for following along on this journey with me. Whether this is your first time visiting my blog or your 50th time, thank you so much for taking the time to read my words. I can’t wait to share 2020 with you.

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