I Tried Every Piece in the Bluffworks Women’s Line – Travel Clothing Review


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Last month, Bluffworks launched its long-awaited women’s line of travel clothing. The men’s collection has become a cult favorite, known for its travel-friendly pieces that help you look effortlessly stylish while on the go! The classic clothing pieces have a number of features that make them perfect for travel. Most of the pieces are wrinkle and odor-resistant, making packing and re-wearing a breeze! Whether you pack these pieces in your carry on and wear them on a two week trip to Europe or just wear them to work, you’re sure to be comfortable and look stylish in these clothes.

I was so excited to partner with Bluffworks for the launch of the women’s line, and I’m thrilled to share the pieces with you! Without further ado, here’s my review of the first 4 items from the Bluffworks women’s collection.

Bluffworks Review

Photo Courtesy of the Bluffworks Website

Azores Blouse

The Azores Blouse is the perfect everyday button-down blouse. This shirt looks super polished, but don’t worry- it’s also super comfortable! It’s made of a wrinkle and odor-resistant fabric, so it’s practically made to be thrown in your carry on for your next adventure. I love how breathable the fabric is, and this shirt is so versatile, so you can dress it up or down. My favorite part of this shirt? It has a snap hidden between two of the buttons, so you never have to worry about the shirt gaping on your chest.

Photo Courtesy of the Bluffworks Website

Trevi Pant

The Trevi Pant is the ultimate travel pant. They seriously thought of everything with these pants. They have an adjustable hem with snaps, so it’s very easy to shorten your pants if you want to! The pants have 8 pockets, including one hidden, zippered pocket, perfect for hiding your passport and keeping it safe while you’re out and about. These pants are also odor-resistant, and you can even throw them in the wash! Even with all these features, I love that the pants still look super classy and polished. You could wear these to work or to explore a new city. I also love that the fabric is super light- you could totally wear these in hot weather without getting too sweaty!

Photo Courtesy of the Bluffworks Website

Trevi Dress

The Trevi Dress has a classic silhouette, but its innovative features make it a must-have. The dress is true to size, with a flattering fit. I love that it has 6 pockets- 3 of which are totally hidden! It also has snaps on the shoulders so you can keep your bra straps secure- they really thought of everything! There are even kick pleats on the hem so you can move freely. I got the crimson color, and it looks a bit more vibrant thank it does in the photo above, but I love it.

Photo Courtesy of the Bluffworks Website

Threshold T-Shirt

Everyone needs a good, v-neck t-shirt. The Threshold T-Shirt is just that, made better by Bluffworks. This shirt is moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, and quick-drying. It’s breathable and wrinkle-resistant, and it even offers UV protection!

Is Bluffworks Elizabeth Everywhere approved?

I love every piece that Bluffworks released in their women’s line. You can really tell that they considered what lady travelers need from their clothing. From the snaps that keep bra straps in place, to the super breathable and wrinkle-resistant fabric the clothes are made from, Bluffworks really thought of everything. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

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  1. Thanks for your review. It would have been good There were more pictures of you wearing the clothes so people can see how they fit in real life rather than including the pictures of the model (which people can see from the Bluffworks website). There was no picture of you in the Trevi dress. It would have been nice to see the full length of the pants (with the hem up and down).

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