Best Restaurants in Ljubljana + Traditional Slovenian Foods to Try

ljubljana food guide where to eat in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenia is one of Europe’s most underrated capital cities. This city is packed with culture, history, and, most importantly, incredible food. I didn’t know what to expect from the food scene when I first arrived in Ljubljana, but it’s safe to say, I was blown away. In this Ljubljana food guide, you’ll find a mix of traditional Slovenian food and fresh flavors for a mix that perfectly fits this dynamic city. I’ll also tell you where to eat in Ljubljana (including a restaurant I visited multiple times on my short trip)! Here are the 9 best restaurants in Ljubljana (in my opinion), plus 8 traditional Slovenian foods to try.

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Traditional Slovenian Food

  1. Carniolan Sausage– One of the most popular traditional Slovenian foods is Carniolan sausage! It’s a delicious, garlicky pork sausage, often served with a roll and mustard.
  2. Karst Prosciutto– This salty ham is another of Slovenia’s famous cured meats! It’s very similar to standard Italian prosciutto, and I thought it was delicious!
  3. Štruklji– This is a traditional Slovenian food, made of a pastry roll filled with various other ingredients. Štruklji can be savory or sweet, and they’re often filled with cottage cheese!
  4. Wine– Did you know Slovenia has a vibrant wine region? We tried several local wines while we were there, and we really enjoyed them!
  5. Seafood– Because Slovenia located close to the Mediterranean Sea, you can find lots of fresh seafood on menus throughout the country! I recommend grabbing some fresh fried seafood from the Central Market.
  6. Truffles– You’ll find tons of dishes packed with truffles in Slovenia! You can find truffles in Slovenia, so they’re often used in pasta dishes here!
  7. Prekmurian Layer Cake– No Ljubljana food guide would be complete without mentioning a couple of the most traditional desserts! This layer cake is a Slovenian dessert made of poppy seeds, walnuts, apples, and cottage cheese. It’s not a super sweet dessert, but it’s very satisfying. I never tried this layer cake, but I tried an amazing cheesecake at Robba that was inspired by this dish. Our waiter said that this cake is a grandma staple in Slovenia and that it’s often made for family gatherings.
  8. Bled Cake– Bled cake is a delicious, light dessert that you can find at many restaurants in Ljubljana (and in Bled, its namesake). This cake is made of layers of whipped cream and custard sandwiched between two thin pieces of pastry. It was so tasty!

Where to Eat in Ljubljana — 8 Best Restaurants in Ljubljana

  1. RobbaRobba was, hands-down, my favorite restaurant in Ljubljana. This restaurant is located right in the Old Town of the city, and it offers a range of dishes. You can find traditional Slovenian food here, but you can also find some fresh, interesting flavors. The duck salad is phenomenal (and I’m not even a huge fan of duck), the prosciutto and cheese appetizer is delicious, and the cheesecake is the best. If you go to Robba, you absolutely must try the cheesecake. It’s not super sweet, but it’s packed with poppy seeds, walnuts, and apples, and it is so, so tasty. It’s so good that we even told the table next to us they had to order it. The interior of the restaurant is beautifully decorated, but I highly recommend sitting outside if the weather is nice! This is at the top of my list of where to eat in Ljubljana for a reason- it’s a total must-visit!
  2. Julija– My second favorite restaurant in Ljubljana was Julija. This restaurant came highly recommended by tons of people, and it did not disappoint. I had the truffle gnocchi, and it was delicious and decadent. Be sure to make a reservation– this restaurant fills up fast!
  3. Central Market– The Central Market is a great place to experience a bit of Slovenia’s food culture. You can find everything from house plants to seasonal produce and fried seafood at this market! I recommend grabbing a quick, inexpensive lunch at one of the many seafood stalls- we had calamari, and it was delicious!
  4. Kolibri Cocktail Bar– Kolibri is one of Ljubljana’s trendiest cocktail bars. This bar has speakeasy, 1920’s New York City vibes, and the decor is pretty and romantic.
  5. Slovenska Hiša– Slovenska Hiša is the perfect place to grab an evening cocktail or stop for breakfast! We went here twice during our trip (and wanted to go a third time, but there was no space)! The cocktail menu is expansive and interesting, with plenty of unique local ingredients and liquors. If you get there early, sit outside by the river- it’s a perfect place to soak up Ljubljana’s charm!
  6. Klobasarna– Grab your Slovenian sausage at Klobasarna! This restaurant is super simple, with just bar seating inside and some wooden tables out front, and they only serve a couple of dishes, but the sausage is great.
  7. Tozd– This is a great little cafe located on the river. I loved the iced coffee that I had here, and the outdoor seating is perfect on a warm, summery day!
  8. Vigo– Ljubljana is home to some amazing ice cream parlors, and Vigo was my favorite. There’s a great mix of classic and inventive flavors and you can even have melted chocolate drizzled on top of your cone! We had ice cream here twice, so I’d highly recommend it!

Elizabeth Everywhere’s Ljubljana Food Guide

I enjoyed every meal I had in Slovenia, and I was so impressed by Ljubljana’s food scene! As far as traditional Slovenian food goes, I loved the mix of Central European and Mediterranean flavors that this country is known for. When it comes to the best restaurants in Ljubljana, I highly recommend Robba and Julija! What dish would you want to try in Slovenia?

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Ljubljana is Europe’s most underrated food city. Find out why in this Ljubljana food guide to traditional Slovenian food and where to eat in Ljubljana!
ljubljana food guide where to eat in Ljubljana
Ljubljana is Europe’s most underrated food city. Find out why in this Ljubljana food guide to traditional Slovenian food and where to eat in Ljubljana!

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