Iceland Photography to Inspire Your Next Trip

Iceland Photography

Iceland is one of the most naturally stunning countries I’ve visited on my travels. From its rocky, volcanic coastline to the geysers and hot springs that dot the countryside, there’s so much beauty to see in this country. Before visiting Iceland, I was captivated by all the Iceland photography I saw in blogs and on Instagram. Iceland looks beautiful in all seasons- lush and green in the summer with never-ending hours of daylight, and frosty and white in the winter months. There are a few classic photo spots in Iceland, like the Blue Lagoon, the Geysir, and the many waterfalls. These places are beautiful, but the everyday landscapes you pass as you walk through Reykjavik or drive through the Golden Circle is just as amazing.

I visited Iceland last February, and I fell in love with the incredible scenery that I saw as I drove through the country. Here is some of the best Iceland photography from my trip (+some stories and tips)! I hope it inspires you to see this breathtaking island in person!

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Exploring Reykjavik


Most tourists start or end their trip to Iceland in Reykjavik, the capital city! This city is full of photo-worthy sites, but the biggest church, Hallgrimskirkja, is one of Reykjavik’s most famous landmarks! The church has a really unique design, unlike any other churches I’ve seen in Europe. No Iceland photography post would be complete without this iconic site! During the winter, the sun rises much later, so I visited around 8:30 one morning for this lovely sunrise!

The Sun Voyager is a famous sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason. On a clear day, you can see across the harbor to the mountains on the other side!

iceland photography

Go to the top of Hallgrimskirkja for amazing views of the city! You can see all of Reykjavik from the top of the church’s tower. I went to the top just after sunrise for this incredible, misty shot. This is a great way to see the city from another perspective! On clearer days, you can see the nearby water and mountains.

Hallgrimskirkja was completed in 1986, and its unique architecture fits right in to the magic and quirkiness that you’ll find throughout Iceland.

On the Road

One of the best ways to explore Iceland is on a road trip. Although we were a little nervous about driving during the dead of winter, I’m so glad we did, because we got to enjoy amazing scenery and pull over to take photos whenever we wanted to.

iceland photography

Every road we drove was beautiful. We spent most of our trip in the Golden Circle and in Southern Iceland, and we had lovely views of the mountains and shoreline.

One of the best parts about visiting Iceland during the winter was seeing the country covered in snow. I would love to go back during the summer to see the same places green and grassy!

Golden Circle Dreams


The Golden Circle is home to some of the most popular sites. Geysir is a famous stop. Although Geysir does still erupt, I recommend visiting Strokkur, located nearby! This geyser goes off every 6-10 minutes, so you’re almost guaranteed to see it!


You can find little elf houses all over Iceland! These little homes didn’t even come up to my knee- they’re tiny homes perfect for elves! I found these at Fludir, a hot springs in the Golden Circle. This hot springs is not as famous as the Blue Lagoon, but I loved that it was more laid back and less touristy.

Gullfoss is one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland. I loved seeing it frozen over during the winter, but you couldn’t get too close to it since everything was covered in ice!

My friends and I spent one night in a cabin in the Golden Circle, and it was one of my favorite parts of the trip. We were in this cozy cabin, surrounded by silence, snow, and mountains. Our cabin had huge windows, so we could watch the sun set and enjoy the night sky from our living room.

iceland photography

Kerid Crater Lake is another great spot to stop in the Golden Circle. During the summer, you can see the crater’s electric blue water, but it was frozen over when we visited.

Driving Along the Southern Coast

bra fence iceland

On the road to Vik, you might pass this fence covered in bras and underwear. After seeing this fence in photos, we stumbled upon it while driving to a waterfall! This is probably one of the most unique posts in this Iceland photography guide. Find out how to find the bra fence here!


Skógafoss is another one of Iceland’s famous waterfalls. You can’t really tell in this photo, but the waterfall is HUGE! I liked this waterfall more than Gullfoss because we could walk SO close to it, and it was totally breathtaking.

iceland photography guide

The Solheimasandur Plane Wreck is one of the most Instagram-famous sites on this list! This plane crashed in 1973, and everyone survived, but the body of the plane was left here to deteriorate over the years. The plane is still laying on the black sand beach it landed on over 40 years ago. The plane is located a 2 mile walk (each way) from the parking lot, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes! On windy or snowy days, the walk can be pretty brutal, so bundle up!

Who doesn’t love an Icelandic pony? These guys are very friendly (and always looking for a snack). I thought he looked so majestic in the snow!

My Iceland Photography Guide

As you can see, Iceland is a stunning country, filled with incredible landscapes. I think Iceland looks like an enchanting winter wonderland covered in snow and ice in these photos. I loved visiting Iceland in February (you can read more about visiting Iceland in winter here), but I would love to go back and see how different it looks during the summer!

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