9 Things to Do in Shoreditch – London’s Coolest Neighborhood

brick lane sunday market

Shoreditch is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in London, packed with exciting nightlife, delicious food, and unique things to do. When I lived in East London, I loved exploring this area by eating my way through the food markets, spotting street art, and hitting up the cocktail bars. These are my favorite things to do in Shoreditch — what will you do?

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Things to do in Shoreditch

  1. Look for Street Art – Shoreditch is known for its vibrant street art scene. Brick Lane is perhaps one of the most popular places in London for street art. While walking down this street (which is also well-known for having amazing Indian restaurants and great vintage shopping), you’ll spot tons of interesting murals created by prominent street artists. Turn down Buxton Street towards Allen Gardens, and you’ll find tons of unique graffiti- if you continue walking through the park, you’ll see artists at work creating murals on the Overground overpass.
  2. Vintage Shopping – Shoreditch is the best area for vintage shopping in London. There are tons of shops on Brick Lane, but the Brick Lane Vintage Market, an underground market on Brick Lane open every day, is the best place to go for a huge selection of retro clothing and accessories.
  3. Eat Your Way Through Dinerama, Old Spitalfields, and Boxpark – In the last few years, several food markets have popped up in Shoreditch. Start out at Old Spitalfields Market (located in the Spitalfields neighborhood), which has a huge selection of street food and unique vendors. Dinerama is my personal favorite – there are so many great options here, and it’s also a great place to grab a pint-sized cocktail. Definitely get the Chipuffalo wings from Thunderbird if you like chicken wings, and get dessert from Chin Chin Labs! Boxpark was created from shipping containers, and it has tons of yummy food options.
  4. Walk Along Brick Lane – As I said, Brick Lane is known for amazing Indian food, great vintage shopping, and cool street art. On Sundays, there’s a market that features street food and interesting knick-knacks, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in London on a Sunday.
  5. Hit the Bars – Shoreditch is London’s best neighborhood for nightlife. There are so many bars that I love in this area, but here are a few of my top picks. I love Tonight Josephine for its girly, Instagram-worthy decor and expansive cocktail list — this is a great pick for a girls’ night out. The Queen of Hoxton is one of my all-time favorite bars in London. The rooftop is amazing during the summer, and it’s a great place for dancing on the weekends. Others love Ballie Ballerson, a ball-pit bar. This is a fun bar, but I personally don’t love the rowdy crowd (and ball pits can get a little gross when there’s alcohol involved). Other great choices include The Hoxton Pony, Discount Suit Company, and Callooh Callay.
  6. Go Mini-Golfing – Looking for a fun night out? There are a few themed mini-golf places in London, and Shoreditch is home to my personal favorite, Junkyard Golf Club. This bar has really playful, nostalgic cocktails made with candies you’ll remember from childhood. They also have 4 mini-golf courses with different themes. If you’re planning to visit during the weekend, be sure to book a time in advance so you can get the course you want! This is probably one of my favorite things to do in Shoreditch — I even had my birthday party here this year!
  7. Check Out the Markets – In addition to all the food markets previously mentioned, there are several other fun weekend markets. Brick Lane Sunday Market is a super popular choice, but there are several other markets worth visiting. I love the Columbia Road Flower Market. On Sundays, vendors line Columbia Road, selling fresh-cut flowers and plants! Check out my full guide to London’s Sunday markets for more inspiration.
  8. Take a Unique Tour – Shoreditch has a fascinating and storied history, and visitors can take tons of interesting tours to learn a little more about this neighborhood. Take street art tour, a food tour, or a Jack the Ripper tour!
  9. Eat All the International Cuisine – Like I said, Shoreditch has so many delicious food options, from international street foods to yummy restaurants serving up a variety of cuisines. Check out Gloria for amazing Italian food, Dishoom (or one of the many restaurants on Brick Lane) for Indian food, and Delamina East for incredible Middle Eastern food.

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