Is This the Best Food in Asia?

Best food in Asia

From spicy curries in Thailand to hot pots in China, there is so much good food in Asia! One of my favorite parts of traveling is trying new, local foods that give me insight into the regional food culture. Although I haven’t had a chance to explore all the cuisines on this continent, I asked my travel blogger friends to share their take on the best food in Asia. They shared their most delicious (and most memorable) meals from their travels across Asia.

Travel Bloggers Tell Me About the Best Food in Asia

Summer Rylander, Eat Something Go Somewhere

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Khao Soi

“When I landed in Chiang Mai during my first visit to Thailand in early 2017, I thought a plate of Pad Thai would be the perfect arrival lunch. I was disappointed when the restaurant told me they didn’t serve it, but I agreed to try the local dish they recommended instead: Khao Soi. Within minutes, this dish I’d never heard of before skyrocketed to the top of my “best things I’ve ever eaten” list. Spicy, rich coconut broth—with an unbelievable depth of flavor thanks to red curry paste and turmeric—simmered among a pile of soft noodles and an ultra-tender chicken leg. The bowl was topped with fresh shallots, a wedge of lime, crispy fried noodles, and tangy pickled mustard greens. The combination of flavors and textures was so perfectly balanced, so delightfully moreish that I had Khao Soi eight times during my five days in Chiang Mai, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.”

Keri Underwood, Quiet Girl Loud World

Kyoto, Japan

“One of the most memorable food experiences I’ve had abroad was at a Tonkatsu restaurant on Teramachi Street in Kyoto called Butaya Ton’ichi. Tonkatsu is a breaded and fried pork cutlet that is typically served with a pile of shredded cabbage and tonkatsu sauce (which is some magical sauce, I swear). We were seated right in front of where the tonkatsu was freshly made, so we got to see the process from start to finish! I got a meal set that also came with a jumbo fried shrimp(not pictured because I ate it), and my brother got that and a fried soft-boiled egg. For such a simple meal, it was absolutely delicious and I would recommend it to anyone who likes pork!”

best food in Asia japan
Tonkatsu in Japan

Kristen Guglielmo, Kristen Abroad

Yokosuka, Japan

“One of the best experiences I’ve had is a local place called Sushi Enji here in Yokosuka, Japan. It’s what I consider a “legit” sushi restaurant (think Jiro Dreams of Sushi), where the chef/owner goes to the best fish markets and part of the experience is watching them make your sushi. If you’re in Japan, always go with the omakase, “I leave it to you”. It’s worth the price for the experience!”

Sage Fitzpatrick, A Virtual Postcard

Bowls and More

“The food in Bali, notably in Ubud and Seminyak, was an experience in itself. From (the best I’ve ever tasted) corn fritters and avocado in Crumb and Coaster to colorful Bali bowls at Mudracafe. And if you’re one for sweets try one of the many flavors from Gelato Secrets, or grab a crepe from The Spell Creperie. And if you’re not done after all of that pick up a treat from Ubud Raw Chocolate. It was a great place for veggies and for those looking to eat healthy (for the most part) yet delicious food!”

Bali best food in asia
Yummy Bali Bowl

Stacia Minter, Stumble Safari

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Pad Thai

“I had been traveling for 24 straight hours from New York to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Once I got to my hostel, they had a free dinner set up with very simple, Thai cuisine. The pad thai they had laid out was simple compared to what I had eaten in the US: noodles, a few veggies, a simple sauce…but the simplicity brought out the aromatic flavors. It was exactly what I needed after such a long travel day!”

Katie Handy-Beith, Katie Travels

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Coconut Curry

“One of my most memorable meals was at SH Garden, a hidden gem in the energetic city of Ho Chi Minh. I had the vegetable coconut curry, and after trying to get the waiter to reveal all of the secret ingredients, I’ve resorted to the fact that the only way I can have it again is by one day going back. The staff were so friendly and even on a busy shift on Christmas Eve, they took the time to teach me how to use chopsticks properly. The food was incredible and the ambiance was perfect, I’ll be back.”

best food in asia
Coconut Curry


Sophie, Sophie’s Suitcase

Bangkok, Thailand
Thai Curry

“My favorite food experience ever involved me getting back to basics on Koh San Road, Bangkok. As we sat down on our plastic chairs, lights shining down on us from the street signs, we were served the most delicious red Thai curry. So hot on the mouth, you had to eat it fast, for fear of not being able to finish this incredible dish, with an array of flavors.”

Emma Shimmens, Nomad Emma

Langkawi, Malaysia
Indian Food

“My partner and I needed to find some quick food when on a work break in Langkawi, Malaysia and, we came across the most random roadside cafe named “The Tomato”. Completely open to the air and full of sharing tables, it was crammed with locals… always a great sign! We got recommended to try the roti and chicken tikka masala and blow me down if it wasn’t the best Indian food I’ve ever had—and all for £1. Needless to say, we ate there for the rest of the week!”

best food in Asia Malaysia
Indian food in Malaysia

Simon Norton, 4corners7seas

Chongqing, China
Hot Pot

“Visiting the megacity of Chongqing in search of the spiciest dish in China, Simon and his companions got more than they ever bargained for. More blood (duck’s blood to be precise), more sweat, more tears (of laughter), and far more food than they could possibly eat – plus their own Mother Hen (the owner of the restaruant) to force feed it all to them!”

Travel Bloggers Best Food in Asia

Which of these is the best food in Asia in your opinion? Did we miss your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great list, I could happily eat all of them every day… well, maybe except for the Chongqing hotpot, once was enough! And besides, it’d never be so funny again.

    (Also I used to live in Kyoto and can second that Teramachi has awesome tonkatsu!)

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