Travel Bloggers Tell Me About Their Favorite Food Abroad

Travel Bloggers Tell Me About Their Favorite Food Abroad

Travel Bloggers Tell Me About Their Favorite Food Abroad

One of my favorite parts of traveling is exploring the local cuisine and trying new foods. Whether it’s a tajine in Morocco or a crepe in France, I can’t resist indulging in a country’s food culture when I travel. I asked some of my travel blogger friends to share their favorite food moments from their travels, and now, I want to share them with you!

Binny Shah, Binny’s Food and Travel

Nairobi, Kenya
Afternoon Tea with Giraffes and Warthogs

“One of the best meals I have had abroad has been in Nairobi, Kenya, at the famous Giraffe Manor, where I enjoyed some delicious tea, sandwiches, and dainties in the presence of some very cheeky Warthogs (whose eyes were definitely on my cake) and elegant Rothschild’s Giraffes. I even got to kiss and feed the gorgeous giraffes after! It was definitely a one of a kind experience and the most unique Afternoon Tea I have experienced.”

Tea with Warthogs!

Jamie Paddock, Jamie Chance Travels

Hong Kong Style Chicken

“Some of the best food I’ve eaten in ten months of travel was found deep in a grubby Singapore hawker center opposite a block of toilets.  Normally, I wouldn’t go anywhere near the toilets let alone eat from a stall just meters from the entrance.  Instead of trying the now-very-touristy ‘cheapest Michelin Star meal’ in the world, a local gave us the best tip ever.  Why not eat from the little old lady who trained said-Michelin Star chef?  That, and the massive queue full of locals, was all we needed to order Hong Kong Style Soya Sauce Chicken.  Half a chicken, chopped ferociously in front of us, served with rice and the tastiest sauce in the world.  All for less than £4.  Turns out, the best food isn’t always served up in 5-star fine dining restaurants.”

Hong Kong Style Chicken
Hong Kong Style Chicken

Jo, Edits of Jo

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Slovenian Food

“One of the best food experiences I’ve had was in the beautiful, bustling city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. We visited a restaurant in the heart of the city that served locally sourced, fresh local cuisine. I enjoyed a seafood salad with a side of Bela Krajina pogača, which is a round, uneven flatbread. I also tried some Kranjska, which is a type of sausage and is one of the best known Slovenian dishes. Dessert was equally delicious; we enjoyed Prekmurska Gibanica which is a creamy, hugely indulgent, layered pastry. A real treat to the taste buds!”

Fiona, Traffic Jam Life

Aveiro, Portugal

“Aveiro is known as the ‘Venice of Portugal’, due to the pretty canals that run through the town. We visited this beautiful town on a day trip from Porto, and we were utterly blown away by our evening meal. We went to A Nossa Casa, a well-loved seafood restaurant by locals and tourists alike.

At the restaurant, we ordered a seafood platter, and we were in foodie heaven. We had the most tender meat from the crab claws and legs, crab meat cocktail served inside the shell, as well as beautifully juicy king prawns. It took us hours to extract the meat but it made the experience so much more fun. We were recommended a crisp white house wine which complemented the seafood perfectly.

It was an unforgettable meal – the food and wine was simply perfection.”

Portuguese Seafood
Portuguese Seafood

Seanna Fallon, Seanna’s World

Cape Maclear, Malawi
Meal with Locals

“A local Malawian I had befriended guided me away from the tourist area of Cape Maclear and welcomed me to his small mud home for dinner. I sat outside in the pitch darkness (there was no electricity) as his sister served up a plate of the local grain, psima, and some beans. The food was simple, hearty, satisfying, but the true joy was sharing it with the family who wanted to share what they had with me.”

Jasmine Buckley, The Life of a Social Butterfly

Paris, France
French Onion Soup

“When you think of French food, you may instantly think of frogs legs or escargot (better known as snails) but, it’s French onion soup that gives me a warm feeling inside and a glint in my eye.

On a cold winter’s night in Paris after visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral, I stumbled across the sweetest little restaurant and through the window I could see it had a sense of renaissance about it, full of old-time charm.

I could barely feel my hands as I stepped into the quaint little restaurant and took my seat. Before I had the chance to warm my hands, a bowl of the finest French onion soup was placed in front of me. Oodles of cheese and a heartwarming onion soup tasting of gravy has long-since made me want to return to Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole.”

French Onion Soup in Paris

Daniel and Jordan, The Timeless Voyagers

Germany and Austria

“In Southern Germany and Austria, you can order a delicious cheesy egg noodle dish called käsespätzle. We had it in beer gardens in Bavaria and on top of mountains in Austria. Something to definitely try at least once! Wash it down with some good beer or Radler (shandy).”

John and Scott, The Line Trek

Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Our best meal in South America was at Proper in Buenos Aires. While you’ll hear a lot about the steakhouses in this city – which are truly exceptional – this hipster restaurant won our hearts (and tastebuds) because it not only has the best ribeye, but a fantastic pork chop, mouthwatering corn, and a refreshing Halloumi salad as well. Go with a few friends and order the entire menu to share (maybe get two ribeyes – we did). We promise you won’t be disappointed!”

Steak in Argentina
Steak in Argentina

Lauren, Diary of a Spanglish Girl

Paris, France
Eiffel Tower Meal

“There is something so beautiful and serene about the moments before New Year’s Eve in Paris. Everything feels calm and anticipated until you’re looking for somewhere to eat – without a reservation. We ended up in a beautiful restaurant underneath The Eiffel Tower that was offering a 3-course set menu, for the price of a small second-hand car, but it was outstanding. I don’t think you’ve ever tasted steak until you’ve tasted the Parisian steak cooked to perfection with a sprinkle of garnish. The starter was the most succulent prawn cocktail and the pudding, oh my, the pudding. The most delicate melt-in-the-middle chocolate pudding. Plus, the wine was great too! The moment when you are completely satisfied without feeling bloated, they’re the best meals.”

Lauren McGrath, Reality in Reverie

Milan, Italy
Gnocchi and Seafood

“On our honeymoon, my husband and I stayed overnight in Milan (wish we had stayed longer!), and right around the corner from our hotel was a restaurant with the most amazing food ever! I’m talking great, authentic Italian food. It felt like a place that only locals knew about – it just had that “hole in the wall” vibe that unless you knew about it, you completely missed it. We chatted and laughed over wine, seafood and seriously THE best gnocchi I’ve ever had in my life!”

Italian Seafood
Italian Seafood

Emma Gibson, Life of Gibbers

Krakow, Poland
Polish Mushroom Soup

“When you think of Polish food, Pierogi will probably come to mind. But one of my favorite dishes I had while in Krakow was the boletus porcini soup at Hawelka in the city’s Main Market Square. It was thick, rich, and creamy without being overly salty or the mushrooms overpowering. And more importantly, it was served in its very own bread bowl – meaning I could break away pieces of the fresh crispy bread and dunk it into my soup as I ate. Soup (or Zupy as it’s known) in Poland, is a firm favorite in this eastern European country (although meaty broths or sour rye are most popular); so if you ever find yourself wandering Krakow’s medieval square on an autumn afternoon, I highly recommend stopping for a fresh bowl of Hawelka’s boletus porcini soup for lunch.”

Polish Soup
Polish Soup

What’s the best meal you’ve had abroad?

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  1. Stunning blog! What a fab idea! My best meal I’ve had was at Su Chilli in koh Tao Thailand, I had a fabulous chicken noodle soup

  2. These are such great stories! The best part about traveling is trying the local cuisine!

    Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this series!

    xx Lauren

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