London Nightlife Guide: The Bletchley London

The Bletchley London Review

The Bletchley London – One of London’s Most Unique Bars

The Bletchley London is one of the UK’s most unique places for a night out. Whether you’re visiting London while traveling, or just looking for something new to do in the capital, I’d highly recommend checking out this themed bar-meets-escape room. I took my parents for my dad’s 50th birthday, and we all had such a great time.

Practical Information about The Bletchley London

The Bletchley is a World War Two spy-themed bar located at 459 King’s Road in the Chelsea neighborhood of London. The cost is 34.99 GBP per person, and that includes three drinks and an hour and 45 minutes in the “bunker” (as well as all the immersive missions, which I’ll explain in more detail later). I highly suggest making reservations ahead of time.

In order to get to The Bletchley, you have to enter through World’s End Market. When you enter the restaurant, you have to tell one of the staff that you’re there for The Bletchley, and they’ll point you to a back hallway that leads downstairs to the bar. I loved that the unmarked entrance gave the experience a speakeasy vibe. Once you enter The Bletchley, your experience begins, and you’re taken back in time to the 1940’s!

The Bletchley London Experience

Once you’ve been shown to your table, you receive your welcome cocktail and a 1940s jacket to wear during the experience! After that, the server will ask what mission level you’d like to choose. There are three levels, ranging in difficulty. After reading online that the easiest mission was a little too easy for some people, we decided to go for the middle-level mission, and I’m really glad we did. I was afraid if we chose the easiest mission we would finish really quickly, and I wanted to draw out the experience without being pressed for time by a very difficult mission. We found that the mid-level difficulty was great, and we finished all three missions with about 15 minutes to spare.

I don’t want to spoil the details of the missions themselves, but they are very cool and very imaginative. Each station is outfitted with an enigma machine that you use to get clues and to radio your findings to see if you’ve solved the case. You get to pick out agent code names, and the staff is great about staying in character and making the experience feel super authentic.

Even though the drinks you receive are somewhat of a mystery, each drink I had was great! After the welcome drink, your cocktails correspond to your missions, with each person receiving a different drink! I have no idea what was in most of my drinks, but they were sweet, creative, and delicious. Since your drinks are a surprise, make sure to let the staff know if you have any sort of dietary restriction or requirement! I was skeptical about having no say in my drink choice at first, but everyone I was with was really pleasantly surprised by the cocktails.

Final Thoughts on The Bletchley London

I thought the Bletchley London immersive experience was fantastic. When we were leaving, we even said we couldn’t think of anything that we thought should be changed. From the costumes to the elaborate theming of the room and the surprise cocktails, it was great. The experience is well worth the 35 pounds per person in my opinion, especially because three nice cocktails are included.

Does this sound like an experience you’d enjoy? Let me know in the comments, and let me know if you have any suggestions for other places to check out in London!

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