ABQ London – Breaking Bad Bar in the UK Capital

ABQ London Breaking Bad Bar

Experience Breaking Bad at ABQ London

As you might have noticed from my past review of The Bletchley, I have a slight obsession with themed bars. After visiting The Bletchley, I was so excited to check out ABQ, a cocktail bar that was inspired by Breaking Bad, a popular American TV show about fictional cancer patient turned drug lord, Walter White.  ABQ London and The Bletchley are actually both run by Lollipop, a company that creates immersive cocktail experiences. As a huge Breaking Bad fan, I had high hopes for ABQ London, and the experience absolutely exceeded my expectations. Watch the video above for a quick run-down on my experience, or read on for more details!

ABQ London gifted me this experience, but all opinions are my own. 

ABQ London Practical Information

ABQ London is located in Hackney, a neighborhood on the northeastern side of central London. When you walk in, you’ll immediately notice the large RV in the center of the building- this is where the Breaking Bad molecular cocktail experience takes place! If you’re planning to have the full Breaking Bad experience, make sure to reserve a spot ahead of time so you can ensure a seat in the RV! The experience costs 32.50 GBP, and it includes a welcome drink and two molecular cocktails that you get to make yourself!

The bar encompasses several smaller sections with the Breaking Bad area in the center. Upstairs, you can find Breaking Bad inspired arcade games that give you shots corresponding to your score! One token costs 5 GBP, and you get to play one of the three games until you lose. When the game is over, a receipt will print out from the side of the machine, and it will have the name of your surprise shot! You’ll take the ticket to the bartender and he’ll make your shot! We tried the games a few times, and each shot was different (and delicious). Downstairs, there is also a vegan pizzeria.

ABQ’s Breaking Bad Bar Experience

When you arrive for the molecular cocktail experience, you’ll be seated at a station with chemistry equipment and jumpsuits. Once you put on your yellow hazmat jumpsuit, you can get started cooking up your cocktails! You’ll start with a welcome drink, served in a beaker with a syringe of alcohol. Next, you’ll choose from the Breaking Bad inspired molecular drinks on the menu. The drink options include a range of flavors and alcohols, and you’ll use ingredients like dry ice to infuse your cocktails!

For my first molecular cocktail, I got to use dry ice to infuse a vanilla flavor into my drink, and then I created a white chocolate foam to top it! For another cocktail, I added ingredients from test tubes into the glass and watched as the drink magically changed colors! I loved how hands-on the experience was. If all this chemistry sounds a bit confusing to you, don’t worry. The staff are very friendly and super helpful!

ABQ London Final Thoughts

As a fan of Breaking Bad, I loved the experience at ABQ London. The theming and references to the show made the experience really cool and unique. That being said, my friend, who had never seen an episode of Breaking Bad before, really enjoyed the experience as well. I think people who love the show will appreciate the dedication to detail from the show and people who have never seen Breaking Bad will enjoy the fun atmosphere and the experience of creating their own molecular drinks!

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  1. Wow, this looks really fun. I love going to bars but this one is really fantastic. Would def love to come by someday. Thanks for sharing.

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