Packing tips – Winter in Europe

I’m about to head to Italy for a little over a week, and I’ve been busy packing and prepping. After living through a winter in Paris, I know a little about packing the right things for winter European weather. I’m an “all black” traveler for the most part- black jeans, black booties, black sweaters, etc. occupy most of my suitcase space. You won’t have to worry about planning outfits and overpacking if you have a mix-and-match wardrobe. While I’m not a fit-it-all-in-the-carry-on kind of girl, I like to stick to the necessities, so I can buy clothes and souvenirs to bring back! Besides the obvious like toiletries and outlet converters, here are some of my must-haves for European trips during the winter!

A long, black, water-resistant coat like this one from J.Crew (similar version at J.Crew Factory) is really great for the cold, often rainy European weather. I wore mine everyday for months in Paris.


These black rain booties were a lifesaver for me last winter. In Paris (and many cities throughout Europe), winters are fairly wet, and I think one of the WORST feelings is cold, wet feet. I paired these with wooly camp socks so my feet were warm and dry while trekking through the city. Other shoes I pack: black heels, black or brown leather booties, and tennis shoes(for feet emergencies and travel days!).


Comfortable, stylish, and warm sweaters are a must for traveling during the winter. Think classic stripes and muted tones if you’re trying to fit in with the Euro style. I have found great sweaters at Ann Taylor Loft and classic long sleeve striped turtlenecks at J Crew and Banana Republic. I practically lived in my black turtlenecks and high waisted jeans (like these from American Eagle).

imageService.jpeg F6727_KL5608.jpeg

A shoulder bag that zips closed and you can keep close to your body is perfect for European travels so you can prevent pickpocketing. While none of my friends were victims of theft during our time abroad, we were constantly warned about it!!! I carried a Tory Burch bag like this one on days spent walking around cities, and a zip-able Kate Spade like this one on travel days to hold things like passports and flight information.


I recommend bringing simple but versatile accessories like stud earrings and a pendant necklace. I also always bring a black dress that can be worn during the day with fleece-lined tights and booties or at night with heels and jewelry if you go out!

Finally don’t forget a neck pillow and ear plugs for the plane (and noisy hotels!).


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