Best Macarons in Paris – The Ultimate List

Guide to the Best Macarons in Paris 

Is there a more iconic Parisian treat than macarons? When living in Paris, I was a frequent visitor to the numerous patisseries (pastry shops) and boulangeries (bakeries that make bread and croissants) that line the streets of this beautiful city. Every street seemed to hold its own treasure trove of carbs and sweets, and I ate far more than I would like to admit. Almost every bakery I passed displayed the adorable circular cookies called macarons that have become increasingly popular stateside. Macarons are one of those “must try” foods to eat in Paris, but there are so many options! From the classic Laduree macarons to more inventive options from innovative patisseries, there’s a macaron (or five) for everyone! My guide for the best macarons in Paris will list the best parts of each famous macaron-maker so you can eat all the pretty pastel cookies you want in Paris!

Laduree Paris 

Laduree is arguably the most famous chain patisserie in Paris with its iconic pastel green awning and classic decor, and I think lots of people would say there are the best macarons in Paris. This French brand has expanded to the United States and other countries throughout the world, but this pastry outpost is still a Parisian staple. You can take macarons to go from all locations, but I think the best way to enjoy Laduree macarons is in the restaurant. If you’re looking for a truly luxurious French tea experience, I highly recommend making reservations for tea at the Champs Elysees location. It’s pricey, but I thought it was worth it to savor the macarons and pastries in a gorgeous dining room. The interior of this building is so ornate and beautiful. You can make a reservation for this location (and others) through this link. My favorite favors of macarons at Laduree are Marie Antoinette Tea and salted caramel.


Pierre Herme

If you’re looking for a more modern macaron experience, check out Pierre Herme! I love the inventive seasonal flavors that Pierre Herme offers. When I went in May, they had just released their summer flavors for the year, and I loved the passionfruit macaron I tried! This patisserie is also well-known for their delicious chocolates. My favorite location is in the Galeries Lafayette. I know there are plenty of great locations throughout the city, but where else can you shop for the best brands in the world while snacking on some of the best macarons in Paris?! Favorite Flavors: the seasonal selection. This year, it looks like they have a number of cool favors like jasmine with wild strawberry and lucuma with candied ginger.


Fauchon is one of the best bakeries in all of Paris, so it makes sense that it is also home to some of the best macarons in Paris. The quality of the pastries and breads from this bakery is just outstanding. There are so many great pastries at Fauchon (and the croissants are some of the best in Paris), and the macarons are no exception. Check out their pastry menu here. Grab some treats and stroll around the area, though the Madeline and the nearby flower market. Favorite Flavors: metallic chocolate praline(pretty shiny shell!) and afternoon tea.



Angelina Paris

Angelina is one of the more famous patisseries in Paris, and it’s very well known for its thick, decedent hot chocolate. I highly recommend going to the take away window by the Tuileries to avoid a super-long wait for seating! After you grab some of the famous hot chocolate and a couple of macarons, I recommend taking a stroll through the Tuileries gardens if it’s a nice day. What could be more lovely than macarons, hot chocolate, and stunning views of Paris?! Favorite flavors: early grey, chocolate hazelnut.


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Go to a Macaron Class in Paris – Le Foodist Paris

Although these weren’t the best (or prettiest) macarons I had during my time abroad, they were certainly the most fun because I made them myself (with a decent amount of help)! Taking a macaron baking class in Paris is such a great way to break up tourist sightseeing with an engaging French experience! I went to the macaron class at Le Foodist Paris , and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a really neat experience while in Paris! All the prep work was done when we arrived, so we just got to do the fun parts of baking with no cleanup! The teachers were so kind and explained the history of the pastry and differences between French and Italian macarons, which was really cool! The class was also pretty small, so I felt like I had the chance to get really involved in the process, instead of watching someone else do everything. At the end of the class, we had a little tea party and got to take home LOTS of macarons!

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There are so many local patisseries throughout Paris, so be sure to check out some smaller shops as well as the iconic Parisian pastry shops like Laduree and Angelina! (I’m sure they make some of the best macarons in Paris as well 😉 )Paris has some of the best macarons and pastries in the world, so I hope you get the chance to eat your way through this city like I did! (P.S. – macarons make a great souvenir!)

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15 thoughts on “Best Macarons in Paris – The Ultimate List

  1. Who doesn’t love macarons? You’ve listed the best known vendors but pretty every Parisien patisserie makes and sells them. While I love the delicate touch and flavours of Pierre Herme’s macarons, I have to confess my favourites are Paul’s pistachio ones. They’re so much bigger than average and therefore have a greater amount of squidge to crisp outer.

  2. Oooh, I love macarons and this post makes my mouth water! I would love to have the jasmine with wild strawberry flavour at Pierre Herme, or salted caramel at Laduree. I will definitely sample some macarons if and when I visit Paris.

  3. I wish I had this list when I was visiting Paris, these pictures make me miss it so much! They are by far my favorite treat in Paris and I ate so many. I bought a box after making the hike up to Sacré-Cœur. My goal next trip will be to try all of these – and take a macaroon cooking class!

  4. Thank you for sharing! Do you recommend making a just generic reservation at Laduree on Champs Elysees? I see there are a few options to make in advance for choosing brunch, Laduree breakfast, etc… Also, what time of day do you recommend? Thanks in advance!

    1. I think that location is the busiest, so I would recommend trying to make a reservation! It is a beautiful location, with a stunning dining area!

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