Best Food in Barcelona : Eating Your Way Thru Barcelona

Your Guide to the Best Food in Barcelona

Barcelona. It’s a wonderful city, filled with all the things I love – amazing art, fun nightlife, and incredible food. When I visited in March two years ago, I basically ate my way through the city, enjoying everything from traditional Spanish food like tapas and paella to the best burger I’ve ever had. If you’re looking for the best food in Barcelona, you’ve come to the right blog. Read on for more information about Barcelona’s famous food market, how to tapa, and more!

La Boqueria is the most famous market in Barcelona, and it’s one of my favorite attractions in this city. It’s located just off Las Rambles, a popular tourist street, and it features what seems like endless food stalls. I could spend hours walking through La Boqueria, but I’ll give you the highlights. There are a variety of stalls in the market but the most common goods include produce, meat and cheese, and candy. There are also so many juice stands in the market, so I liked grabbing a juice to drink while checking out the other goods. There are a number of little restaurants with bars where you can grab a quick bite to eat, too. I recommend heading here to taste Spain’s famous Manchengo cheese and Iberico ham for a snack (pro tip: grab a classic Spanish snack like this and sneak it on to your bus tour like I did!).

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Less than a five minute walk from La Boqueria is one of the tastiest and most creative bakeries I have ever been to. If you love sweets, you have to visit Chok- the chocolate kitchen in Barcelona. Chok Barcelona has some of the most inventive pastries I’ve seen, and it’s one of the only places to get a cronut in Barcelona. Chok’s cronuts (which is a croissant-donut hybrid) are delightful. I had a creme brûlée cronut and it was topped with a layer of caramelized sugar and filled with yummy custard. I certainly count this among the best food in Barcelona!


If you still haven’t satisfied your craving for sweets, grab a couple of churros! There are many restaurants and stands throughout the city where you can get the standard churros and chocolate (you dip the churros in hot chocolate!) My favorite churro stand was near the hostel I stayed in, and I can’t find any trace of it, but it was near the El Clot metro station. This very unassuming stand had churros filled with caramel, chocolate icing, or custard, and they were phenomenal (but SUPER sugary)!


Spain is most famous for tapas and paella, and there are so many good options for these traditional dishes. I recommend heading towards the Poblo Sec neighborhood for tapas and sangria one night! This area has so many yummy tapas bars, so it’s hard to go wrong! This neighborhood is home to some of the best food in Barcelona. We went to La Esquinita de Blai (just on Calle de Blai – a street with lots of food options). The tapas are set up on the bar, and you take whatever you want and pay at the end according to your toothpicks! Certain colored toothpicks indicate the price, but they are all very reasonably priced. The sangria was great too!

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Yummy plate full of tapas!

If you want to take a break from tapas, or if you’re just in the mood for a good burger, you have to check out Bacoa Burger in Barcelona. This is a Spanish chain with locations in  Barcelona and Madrid with amazing and interesting burgers! We loved this place so much that we went back a second time before leaving Barcelona! There are several locations throughout the city. My favorite burger there was La Bacoa, and I loved the house made sauces they make for the fries! If I remember correctly, a meal here was about 10 euros, so a little more expensive than McDonald’s, but SO much better!

If there’s a good soccer matchup, you might want to go watch it at a bar to enjoy the atmosphere! Even though I don’t like going to international chain restaurants when traveling, my friends and I had fun watching the Barcelona Madrid game at Belushi’s Bar in Barcelona. Even though it had some typical American bar food options like nachos, they also had really good paella they cooked in a massive pan right outside.

These are just a few of my food highlights from my trip to Barcelona! I recommend checking these out for some of the best food in Barcelona! From tapas to burgers to cronuts, this city has it all!


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Have you been to Barcelona? Did you have any favorite restaurants? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I too love the markets in Barcelona and happily spend hours checking out the produce. Sounds like you had a fun trip.

  2. Ohhh everything looks so good! I love manchego cheese and tapas are just magical. 😀 Always eating churros for dessert too haha, can’t say no 😀

  3. I miss Barcelona!! I almost got my phone stolen off at Las Rambles, and sad that I didn’t spend more time at La Boqueria 🙁 The cronut looks divine tho!

  4. I see someone has a sweet tooth just like me 😁I own a food tour company in Barcelona next time you’re in town let me know. I will show you some other cool spots off the radar.



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