Salzburg Food Guide – Where to Eat in Salzburg, Austria

salzburg food guide

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that one of my favorite things about traveling is trying local foods! I love eating my way through a new city and tasting any traditional dishes or regional drinks that I can find! When I went to Salzburg last week, I had the chance to try lots of traditional Austrian foods, as well as some new, innovative dishes from up-and-coming restaurants. In this Salzburg food guide, you’ll find a list of the Austrian foods I’ve tried (and loved), as well as some recommendations for where to eat in Salzburg!

I was invited to Salzburg on a press trip with Visit Salzburgerland to cover summer activities in the region, and I decided to create this Salzburg food guide after the trip.

Salzburg Food Guide- The Austrian Dishes You Must Try

Schnitzel- No Salzburg food guide would be complete without schnitzel. Weiner Schnitzel is one of the most famous dishes in Austria! Traditionally, it is a breaded and pan-fried veal cutlet, garnished with lemon and lingonberry jam! You can also find it made with pork in restaurants throughout the country. It’s often served with potato salad on the side.

Beer- You can’t visit Salzburg and not try one of the local beers! My guide told me that while Vienna is the city of wine, Salzburg is the city of beer. The city is home to several famous breweries, including Augustiner Brau and Stiegl. Beer is normally served by the liter or half liter at most beer gardens. For a lighter, summery beer drink, try a radler, which is half beer and half lemon soda!

Spätzle- Spätzle is an egg noodle dumpling served in Germany and Austria. You can find it as an accompaniment to a meat dish or served as käsespätzle, a cheesy version of the dish that is absolutely delicious!

where to eat in salzburg

Potato or Cabbage Salad- Potato and cabbage salads are traditional sides for many meals in Austria. The Austrian potato salad is very different from American-style potato salad. Instead of mayonnaise, Austrian potato salad uses mustard, vinegar, and other additions to create a tangy and fresh tasting version of the dish. Cabbage salad is another traditional side dish, and the cabbage is often cooked with bacon and vinegar before being served warm or cold.

Roast Pork with Dumplings- You’ll find many meat dishes on menus throughout Austria, but roast pork with dumplings is one of the most popular options! This dish is fairly simple, comprised of juicy pork, potato and flour dumplings, and pork jus. I tried this my first night in Salzburg, and it was delicious!

salzburg food
Roast Pork at Sternbrau

Sausages- Sausages are a staple of Austrian cuisine. You can find a variety of sausages at restaurants and food stands in Salzburg. They’re often served on a crusty roll or alongside a pretzel and mustard.

Mozart Chocolate- Mozart chocolates (or Mozartkugels) are a confectionery first created in Salzburg. This candy is made of a mixed-nut marzipan center enrobed in dark chocolate.

Apple Strudel– Apple strudel is a very popular dessert in Austria, made of apples wrapped in a pastry crust. Apple strudel is often served with a warm vanilla cream.

Sachertorte- Sachertorte is a chocolate cake made with apricot jam and topped with a dark chocolate ganache. This cake was invented in the 1800s by Franz Sacher for an Austrian prince, and it’s still eaten today throughout the country.

Where to Eat in Salzburg, Austria

Augustiner BräuAugustiner Bräu is home to Austria’s biggest beer garden! This brewery has been making beer for hundreds of years, so this beer hall is a little slice of Austrian history! When you walk in, you’ll find a market-style hall where various vendors sell different foods, including sausages, schnitzels, fresh potato chips, potato salad, and more! If you want a beer, there is only one decision you have to make- small or large? There is only one type of beer served here, and it is served in either half or full liter steins from a massive wooden barrel. If you asked me where to eat in Salzburg for an authentic or local experience, I would recommend Augustiner Bräu.

where to eat in salzburg
Augustiner Brau

Sternbräu– Sternbräu is one of the main breweries in Salzburg, and it has a huge beer garden in the city center! This is a great place for an overview of traditional Austrian cuisine because it offers many of the dishes listed above! I had the roast pork with a dumpling there and I thought the pork was juicy and tender! This would also be a great place to grab a beer outside with friends during the summer!

The Green Garden- The Green Garden is a great, casual vegetarian restaurant. I did not eat there, but it was highly recommended by someone who lives in Salzburg!

Carpe Diem Finest Fingerfood– If you’re looking for something a little more innovative and exciting in the Salzburg food scene, check out Carpe Diem Finest Fingerfood. The concept of this restaurant is that most of the food is served in cones. For example, I ordered a hamburger, and it was served with the patties and fixings in a savory waffle cone with fries and ketchup in their own plastic cones. Although it sounds a little gimmicky, the food was actually really tasty, and the presentation was amazing! The beef tartare is pictured below!

salzburg food guide
Carpe Diem Beef Tartare

Ikarus- If you’re looking for an upscale dining experience in Salzburg, check out Ikarus, located at Hangar-7. Ikarus and Carpe Diem are both owned by the Red Bull group. Ikarus has 2 Michelin stars, and it has a special program where it invites chefs from all over the world to cook there for a limited time.

Lanznhütte- While this restaurant is outside the city, I wanted to recommend it in this Salzburg food guide in case you decide to explore the lake district during your trip. This little restaurant is located at the top of a mountain and it has absolutely incredible views of the mountains! The food here is simple but tasty, and it’s great if you want to take a hike and have a casual meal with a view!

Lanznhütte Lunch

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Salzburg Food Scene- More Than Schnitzel and Beer

View from Lanznhütte

Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE schnitzel and beer- but I think a lot of people underestimate Austrian cuisine! Traditional Austrian foods like pork with dumplings and apple strudel are perfect comfort foods, ideal for a chilly day in the mountains! I personally love cheesy spätzle cooked with bacon and topped with a little onion, and I love having an Austrian beer in the beer garden! Which of these foods would you like to try?

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where to eat in salzburg austria
Where to Eat in Salzburg Austria

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