Living Your Best Life in Paris

I lived in Paris for about 6 months while studying abroad during my sophomore year of college. I returned home after my time abroad with French baking skills, a working knowledge of French wines and cheeses, a deeper appreciation of fine art, and pants that felt a little too tight after months of indulging in (almost) every pastry I saw. I enjoyed everything this city had to offer by making the most of every day, whether that meant sitting by the Seine at sunset or spending a day at the Pompidou. I could spend hours talking about everything I loved when I lived in Paris and everything I miss now that I’m back in the States. Instead of a normal post explaining everything I did and giving formal recommendations for things to do, I’m giving you a visual tour of my favorite spots in Paris. If you’re visiting Paris sometime soon, I hope some of these make it onto your must-see/do/eat list, and if you’re like me, longing to return to this beautiful city, I hope you share some of my happy memories. Hover over/click the photo to read the caption for details!

9 thoughts on “Living Your Best Life in Paris

  1. Nice post! Paris looks lovely. Still haven’t made it to this city yet and it’s only like four hours away from where I live, maybe should pay it a visit sometime 🙂

  2. Thank you for the wonderful post. It’s very lovely and I haven’t made it to there yet. I’m reading your wonderful posts about France and I was thinking if you’re interesting in posting one on my blog…

  3. I never managed the macarrons but I did most other things, including a concert at Saint Chapelle and a trip to the Monet garden at Giverny, in my 6 days there. Bliss! 🙂 🙂

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