Lasting Impressions: Travel Bloggers Try American Food

Travel Bloggers Try American Food

Lasting Impressions: Travel Bloggers Try American Food

I’ve always loved hearing what people from other countries think about American food. When I travel, I love experiencing the local culture by trying new and different foods, and I imagine people from overseas do the same when they visit the United States! With so many different types of cuisine in the United States, it’s hard to concisely describe “American” food as a whole. And why would you want to? With culinary influences from around the world, the USA has a delightfully diverse array of food options that are considered “classic American cooking”. I asked my travel blogging friends about their favorite food experiences abroad (be sure to check out part one and part two of this blog post series), and I loved seeing what they enjoyed about my home country’s food!

Bloggers from Overseas Tell Me About Their Favorite American Meals

Carlie Mesquitta, Carlie Diem

Georgia, USA
Soul Food

“Good old-fashioned Southern-style home cooking is on the menu at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. The food isn’t fancy but it’s one of my all time favorite places to eat! This tiny dining room is hidden away in a tree-lined street but it attracts huge queues daily. Food is served family style meaning you share a table with other guests and pass the dishes around. Trust me, you won’t go hungry! I devoured piece after piece of crispy, succulent fried chicken and all the trimmings from collard greens to cornbread, with endless rounds of iced tea. Simple flavors that pack a huge punch.”

Gratsiela, Blush Rougette

New York, New York, USA
American Pancakes

“Something a little bit different, but I’d say Bubby’s pancakes in New York [was my favorite meal abroad]. Because whenever I think of the US, the images of fluffy pancakes covered in maple syrup come to my mind. Once we landed in NYC, I was on a mission to find authentic American pancakes and Bubby’s had exactly what we were looking for. They were incredibly tasty and even better than I imagined! Fluffy, sweet, extremely big, and of course came in a huge American portion! We loved it so much we did a review (linked above).”

Natalie, Back in America

New Mexico, USA

“On a recent trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico we ate at a beautiful restaurant called El Pinto. After our main meal, which was delicious, we were surprised by our waiter with some complimentary, warm ‘sopapillas’. Being from the UK, we had never even heard of them before and were curious as to what these fried, pastry-dough ‘pillows’ would taste like. They can be eaten sweet or savory, but ours came with a mild honey that complimented these light snacks superbly and after all of the hot chile we’d eaten, they soothed our palate perfectly!”

Raj Popat, The Two Roads

Napa Valley, California
Fine Dining in Napa Valley

“I have the reputation of planning my travels around food, and the trip for my 30th Birthday was no different. I’d secured a table at Napa Valley’s most exclusive restaurant; The French Laundry (TFL). TFL’s tasting menu provided 4 hours of eating, course after course (and a rare occasion when I was defeated by the desserts)! It’s certainly worth a visit, and a few years on I still describe it as one of the most inventive, delicious, and technically accomplished meals of my life.”

Fiona, Just Me and a Boarding Pass

Hawaii, USA

“On the north shore of Maui, a meal in Mamas Fish House is an experience you will not soon forget! Local fishermen go out each day and catch the fish for the restaurant. The menu of the day will have the fisherman’s name and where the fish was caught above the description of the way the fish has been prepared. The restaurant overlooks a stunning palm-tree-lined beach, with the accompanying sound of the waves rolling in from the ocean.”

Rio, Opposite Tourists

Brooklyn, NY, USA
American Food with a View

“Our meal at The River Café in Brooklyn was the highlight of our 2015 New York trip. The stunning views overlooking the Manhattan skyline and amazing food made it an unforgettable dining experience. Their signature dessert, the Chocolate Brooklyn Bridge was the best chocolate mousse I’ve ever tasted.”

Charlotte, Memoirs & Musings

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

“Las Vegas is one of the most mind-blowing places in the world for food. From all you can eat buffets to Michelin starred restaurants to concept restaurants like Heart Attack Grill, there is something for every budget. I believe in splashing out a little, and that’s why I headed to Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse whilst on a bachelorette party last year. From the decor to the service, this place has a real ‘old Vegas’ charm and feel to it. Don’t get me started on the food. If you can’t decide, you can get the steak and the lobster like me. At $70 it isn’t cheap, but worth it if you want to feel like a high roller one night!”

Travel Bloggers Best Meals Abroad

I loved hearing about the best meals these travel bloggers had in the USA. Check out my other two posts in this series where travel bloggers tell me about the best meals in Asia and the best food experiences abroad!

What American foods would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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