How to Spend a Day in Tangier, Morocco

Tangier, Morocco is probably one of the most interesting places I have ever visited. Ever since I visited the Moroccan pavilion at Disney’s Epcot and saw the Anthony Bourdain episode about Tangier, I knew I wanted to visit this fascinating country. Tangier is located at the northern tip of Morocco, just across the Strait of Gibraltar from southern Spain. Its location makes it the perfect weekend trip from Spain or Portugal! I visited Tangier during a weekend in Morocco that was part of a week and a half long trip to Seville and Barcelona!

The close proximity to Spain makes Tangier a multicultural gateway to Africa. There are French, Spanish, and Moorish influences in this city, and this combination makes for a cool mix of interesting architecture and food! These cultural influences also mean that multiple languages are spoken in Tangier. Don’t worry if you don’t know Arabic; a lot of locals know English, Spanish, or French!

The number one place I think you should visit in Tangier is the medina! Most cities in Morocco have medinas, or old quarters, where there are markets and restaurants. I loved walking through the colorful alleyways and getting lost the the maze of the old city.  Everywhere you look, there are beautiful Moroccan goods. Rugs, ceramics, and artwork are everywhere, and I brought back lots of souvenirs for friends and family. If you want to buy something, make sure to (politely!) bargain! It’s common practice to haggle over the prices, and the shop owners are normally fairly nice as long as you’re respectful. If you plan on putting your bargaining skills to the test, I recommend learning at least a few works in Arabic, like thank you and no thank you!

After walking through the medina, stop into a cafe and try some Moroccan mint tea! I knew I had to try this classic beverage when I visited Tangier, and I was surprised that it was so sweet and refreshing. I ordered it at every meal after trying it the first time in Tangier!

I ended my day in Tangier with a camel ride on the beach! The view of the ocean in Tangier was beautiful, but be warned, riding camels is WAY harder than it looks!! It was a really fun experience, but the humps on their back make balancing very challenging! Also, be careful when getting your photos taken with the camels! There was a baby camel with our group, and it didn’t hesitate to bite at anyone who came too close!!

I had an awesome time in Tangier, and I hope I can visit again soon and spend more time in this Moroccan city. Have you even been to Tangier?

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