An Afternoon in Saint-Germain-des-Pres

Saint Germain is one of those lovely quarters in Paris where I could spend a year wandering through the streets without ever getting bored. It is quintessential Paris in many regards- a beautiful quarter filled with cafes and boutiques and museums. I absolutely loved spending afternoons walking around this neighborhood, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite spots in the quarter.

I’d start my day with light lunch at Cafe de Flore. This cafe is historically significant, as it has existed for over 100 years and served the likes of Picasso and many other famous artists and writers. If the weather is nice, grab a seat outside, snack on a croque madame or cappuccino, and enjoy the ambiance.

I like to just walk down the streets in this neighborhood, popping into stores that look interesting.I found one of my favorite chocolate boutiques in Paris in this quarter. It has outposts throughout Paris, but I love this location. Maison Georges Larnicol makes amazing chocolate, and you can try lots of different flavors and shapes by buying a bag of chocolate priced by weight. I loved the salted caramel eggs at Easter time. I brought my mom a pot of the salted caramel back from Paris and she would eat it straight from the jar! The day I took these pictures, I picked up some kouginettes to try, which were super buttery and rich. I prefer the chocolate, but my friends love these little pastries!

I would often buy treats at Maison Georges and walk down to the Luxembourg Gardens to enjoy them! This park is just beautiful, and I can’t help but feel totally Parisian snacking on my dark chocolate salted caramel while people watching in the park. A lovely way to spend an afternoon in Paris!


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