Last weekend, my friends Caroline, Adrienne and I decided to take a trip to the Champagne region of France. We had an amazing time visiting the main city in this region- Reims. This was a great overnight trip from Paris, although a more ambitious traveler may be able to tackle the city in a day. We departed from Paris Gare de l’Est, and within about 45 minutes via TGV, we had arrived in Reims! From the train station we walked to our hostel. After settling in, we decided to go get lunch before our champagne house tour. We found a bistro called  Le Petit Basque and had what has been one of the best meals I’ve had so far. I love the French 3 course lunch, and this one came complete with a delicious salad, classic french dish Coq au Vin, and a traditional regional dessert called Biscuit rose de Champagne all for 13 euros.

After our lunch, we took a taxi to the Champagne house Vranken Pommery. We had an interesting tour of the wine cellars and learned about the champagne-making process. This winery in particular is interesting because the owners have always incorporated art into the cellars. Old sculptures and modern art installations were around every turn as we walked though rows of thousands of bottles of champagne. Our tour ended with a champagne tasting and chatting with our guide about going to school in Paris. I would definitely recommend visiting Pommery if you happen to go to Reims.

That night we came across a Mexican restaurant (very exciting for me as Mexican food is much harder to come by in France than in the US) and had a yummy dinner there before exploring the city some more later.



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